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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC*                 43

but they say his face was like the countenance of
a man who had sold himself to the devil and
had quite forgotten it till the appearance of Old
Nick brought the compact ruefully to his mind.

igth. Walked to Madrid, which is in a very
ruinous condition, propped up in many places, but
still inhabited; the outward ornaments all tile
and baked earth of various colours, to imitate
porphyry; a strange mixture of Grecian colours
and barbarous entablements. In the afternoon to
Longchamps; a great crowd of carriages, but few
worthy of notice, either for richness, elegance or

20th. Went to stay at the Val with the
Beauveaus and the Princess de Poix. The latter,
who is very captivating, but who never succeeded
in becoming a good player at billiards, had these
lines sent to her:

"Vous, qui d'amour fuyez les loix,
Evitez la belle de Poix*
Sans soins, sans projets, et sans arts,

Cette Princesse

Touche sans cesse

Hors au billard.

Surprise de ne point toucher,
Un jour elle alia pour chercher
La cause chez un grand docteurt

Qui dit, Ma fille,

C'est qu'une bille,

N'est pas un cceur."